Recent Buys

Hey ladies! Just sharing some of my latest and greatest pole-related buys.  You can see my last shopping entry here.

These booty shorts are amazing. First of all, only $3.80.  Secondly: also available in white and orange online… although I believe they also have hot pink in stores. Third: They have GREAT crotch coverage. Fourth (as if you need a fourth): they glow under black light! Snag a pair (or one in every color, like I maybe did…) at Forever21, which is always a great source for super cheap poling basics. I’ve gotten tons of tank top cover-ups and their undies are surprisingly high quality for the price. When I don’t feel like spending $15 on a pair of lacy things or socks, I turn to Forever21!

I was driving myself absolutely batty with the “accessories” pocket on my bag: I had keys, my wallet, my iPod, Blackberry, pens, change, and my iPod headphones all jumbled together. Every time I wanted to pull out a pen, or my keys, somehow in the space of milliseconds my headphones would have managed to wrap themselves all around everything like a hungry octopus and everything would be stuck together in a clump.  No matter how neatly I tied or bundled the cable, I would end up forgetting to re-bundle at some point and end up in the same sorry mess (literally). Enter: Curvyman Cord Supervisor! You tuck one end of the cord into one of the notches, wrap the rest of the cord around the body, and then tuck the other end into the other notch. Nice, neat, won’t come undone, it’s super quick and easy, and it won’t damage your headphones because the little dude is made of slightly bendy silicone.

OK, so I’ve been battling with calluses for pretty much all of my pole-dancing life. Pole, and using grip aids in particular, makes my calluses get thicker, and doing trapeze and lyra has been ripping them up, so there’s a war that’s getting waged on my hands and it’s not pretty. Big, thick, ripping calluses is not conducive to romantic hand holding with my boyfriend. It got to a point where simply ped-egg-ing my hands just wasn’t cutting it (ha, ha) anymore, and it was taking up too much time because those calluses were thick. I bit the bullet and bought one of these crazy-looking scary callus shavers and guess what? They are AMAZING! If you use them when your hands are towel-dry and soft after a shower, the shaver just peels the thinnest layers off the top of your callus (very satisfying). There’s a built-in safety so you can’t do it too deep, and you have to be careful to leave a layer of callus on your hand, but this bad boy is awesome. You can buy this model (pictured) here.

This isn’t something I’ve recently bought, but I realized that I haven’t posted about it at all and I think it could really come in handy for some of y’all. This is a graphite-based anti-seize lubricant. The whole purpose of this lubricant is to prevent a threaded metal connection from getting stuck and allow for easy disassembly later. Do you see where this is going? If you have a pole with threaded pieces, this is an absolute godsend. You take a tiny, tiny amount (like the size of a little ladybug… or a grain of rice) and put it on a Q-tip. Run it around the grooves of the threads, and then assemble your pole. I’ve used this and left a pole up for MONTHS and had absolutely no problem taking the pole apart later, with just my hands and without even using a lot of effort. You can buy this here.

Tomorrow’s post: XPert Certification…