Tuesday Tips: Waving legs

Nemesis Trick: Waving legs
Also Known As: Prancing legs, crazy legs

Today’s tip deals with having beautiful, prancey, wavy legs. This is commonly done from a head or handstand, a shoulder stand, or as floor work, but can also be done from a chopper, shoulder mount, as a descent from a climb, or almost any other position where your legs are free to wild out.

Like a lot of moves, a basic prance is something you learn pretty early on but to make it really look pretty, you often need more core strength then you might think to execute the move well and with control! If you are really initiating the movement from your hip, you will need to not only control the legs as they drop and lift, but also keep yourself stable through the torso as your legs move.

Take a look at the video below! You can also check out the video directly on YouTube here if you’re reading this from your email subscriptions.

Thanks for watching! I hope this helped some of y’all, and if you have any questions, requests, suggestions, or helpful tips, feel free to leave them in the comments!

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