I left my heart in… Columbus?

I’m writing this blog from my bed, tissues at the ready, with my dog curled up next to me, catching up on bad reality shows, and completely hopped up on all kinds of medications. I flew back to NYC on Monday morning, went straight to work, was in meetings until 7pm, and home and miserably sick all night. Did I maybe run my body into the ground? Maybe. Was it worth it? Absolutely yes.

I spent this past weekend in Columbus, Ohio, at Infinity Dance & Wellness. I had ridiculously early flights, drank a lot of tea and cough syrup (I was teetering on the edge of sick before I got there), ate an inhuman amount of soup, and spent 8 or 9 hours poling and playing on a new silks rig that they just got. I got to teach 3 amazingly fun workshops, participate in a pole jam, and try out PoleDanzer brass spinners for the first time ever (they’re REALLY fast). And I was reminded of how much I love, love, love teaching, and pole dance.

Traveling to do a workshop is a really interesting and weird thing. It’s super exciting to be able to teach a curriculum that is more focused than what I might ordinarily teach in my weekly classes– to teach all the stuff that I am really passionate and super amped about. I mean, it’s tough– you have to have faith that you have knowledge to share that is going to be useful and helpful to others, while still being humble enough to realize that as much as you teach your students, your students teach you. That your teaching is only as good as what other people are able to take away from it.

I have learned so much from this weekend! Being able to assess a room of people you’ve never seen before in an intermediate or advanced workshop is a real challenge. It is hard to get everyone (from different states) on the same page with trick names, let alone what knowledge base that they are working from. And I have so many ideas for how to change little phrases of wording, try to make some concepts clearer, modify and improve. But beyond my growth as a teacher– well, as a pole dancer? I was reminded of the many similarities between all of us. There is such a kinship in our community and I am so grateful to have had so much fun. No, really, there were moments where I literally fell over with a coughing attack and couldn’t breathe because I was laughing so hard.

Pole dance is fun. It’s about the joy in sharing, and collaborating. The pollination of ideas and information across studios, borders, states, languages. We all have something in common and the enemy here isn’t each other: it’s ignorance, and judgment. The more that we give freely of ourselves, the more that we get back. And there’s no point in being selective, cliquey, elitist, exclusive… because you can learn from everyone.

I am so excited for what the future holds. Whether or not I am asked to teach in other studios, or am even able to continue to teach in NYC (I hope to keep teachin’ till my body tells me not to), I’ve gotten so much out of this journey. Thank you, Infinity, for making this past weekend such a great one, and full of such positive memories!

Tomorrow’s post: Thursday Tunes…