Master Planner

Okay. I have a serious confession.

I think I’m addicted to planning. I realized it recently (okay, fine, my boyfriend totally pointed it out to me) but I feel like I have to come clean about it. It’s like a compulsion.

At first, it was Circus Sundays with my girlfriends. We would all get together at least one Sunday a month and lend 4 hours flyng, flipping, and climbing at Circus Warehouse in NYC. I loved planning it, reminding people (that’s when I should have realized that I had a problem), and of course, enjoying the fruits of the planning labor with an afternoon of fun– and a post-circus Sunday lobster roll snack together.

Then the pole photo shoot (that just happened this weekend). I started planning for this thing months ago. I loved figuring out what time slots to put people in. Reserving the space. Coordinating details. Then, it was all booked up. And everyone was paid for, and all I had to do was get outfits. So, I had to find something else. More! More!

That something else was Flight Club (shortened the name from Pole Fight Club). Booking rooms! Getting poles together! Figuring out logistics of how to most effectively put up and take down 4 poles at a time. Sending out invites, counting RSVPs, managing expenses, looking for bigger spaces. And now that it’s running, I found myself looking for something else to set up.

So, then came the NY Pole Showcase. Oh boy. Do you see a pattern here? I am just worried what I’ll do when the showcase is over! What kind of trouble I’ll be getting myself into next. Or maybe, I’m excited for it. I have some inklings of what things I’d like to try to do. People ask me a lot how I have the energy and time to organize all this stuff that I’m trying to do in NYC, especially since I’m clearly not making money off any of it (and don’t ever intend to!). Well- there’s your answer. I HAVE to do it. I’m DRIVEN to do it. It’s something I absolutely love to do! I think in a previous life I was an event planner.

In all honesty though, I don’t really believe in waiting around to do things. I’m a pretty immediate-gratification sort of person, and all these are things that I’m excited to do anyway. If I’m planning a photo session, or a trip out to do some flying trapeze, or feeling the itch to perform– well then, chances are that someone else is interested in doing it too, and I might as well extend the invitiation to others, right?

And I at least I have a trip to Thailand and Turks and Caicos to plan this spring, which will hopefully keep me from getting too many grand ideas! = )

Tomorrow’s post: Thursday Tunes…