Tuesday Tips: Shoulder stand lift

Nemesis Trick: Shoulder stand

So today’s entry is rounding out the three-part series on floorwork that started with a plowover; last week we covered the forward roll and today we’re talking about the forward roll shoulder stand lift.

Modern dancers do this quite a bit, but it’s usually done more like a sideways roll instead of a lift. There’s a great tutorial online for this already, take a look here. This is a really fun transition to work into more dynamic movement. But if you’re wanting the power lift, it’s a bit different. Note: if you can’t do a controlled headstand away from a wall yet, and maintain balance, you need to work on that FIRST. Or this will piss you off.

Start with a forward roll. Push your hips up into the air as high as you can. The leg on the same side as your roll-over shoulder (usually your right leg and right shoulder) will stay put. Your left leg is going to swing out and away from you to create a straddle. Note that now, your back should be turned 90 degrees from your starting position: if you were to complete your forward roll at this point, you wouldn’t be moving in a straight line from your starting position, you’d be making an “L.” Your hands and arms don’t move at all.

From here, you want to work the same core engagement as you would for a headstand or forearm stand to lift your legs slowly up to vertical. If you want to use training wheels, you can do this against a wall: just start your forward roll with your right side along a wall so that your back is turned to the wall when you work on the lift part. Make sure you are really PUSHING into the ground with your arms to maintain balance as you bring your legs up. Double check to make sure your back isn’t arched so that you can really work through your core to pull those legs up. I find that if I’m not warmed up before I work these, my legs feel like a ton of bricks.

Work on getting more and more comfortable with the pose with your legs vertical, and then move them around and see if you can prance ’em and still maintain your balance. To come out, instead of dropping your feet back down to the ground in front of your face, simply turn your head through the space made by your left arm, and complete your forward roll. You will notice that your direction of travel should be a diagonal line from where you started.

Take a look at the video below– it’s a shortie this week! Or you can click directly to the video on YouTube by clicking here.

Hope this helps! Have fun!

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