DivaVoom Photo Shoot

Hello guys!

So, I promised that when I got my pictures back from my photo shoot with DivaVoom’s Heather Stumpf, that I would post them here. She flies in from Chicago to work with us in NYC and if you are interested in contacting her for a shoot, go for it–she will travel to you if you have enough people together! I highly recommend her and would be happy to see more people work with her; I think that photos in general can be a really great record of your pole journey.

These are unretouched (raw), straight-out-of-the-camera so you will see the photography equipment in the background. I sort of like that you can see them, and I wanted to prove a point: getting a great photographer and great lighting are the two best things you can do to create flattering pictures. You don’t need a ton of Photoshop or post-processing if the lighting is good to begin with, but harsh, flat lighting can really emphasize bumps, bulges, sweat, weird facial expressions, or wardrobe malfunctions. Interesting lighting can add depth, shading, and dimension to pictures while a flash that evenly illuminates everything will create an overall bright picture where all skin has close to the same tone. This can make you look bigger! I know this from personal experience– my round, pale face in the winter time shows up as a HUGE MOON in all pictures taken with flash. It’s horrible.

This was my third photo shoot, and each time I shoot with Heather I love the pictures more and I am more happy with them. There’s definitely a learning curve, and a comfort level, that makes it easier as you go along and as you’ve had a couple runs. I put most of my tips together in this entry, but I picked up a couple new ones from this time around and from readers:

  • As DocK said best, “Smile every now and then. Mix up facial expressions. While it’s more likely and great to have pole pictures looking sexy and pouty or even dreamy, a couple of my fave photos were because I had an unexpected smile in the shot.”
  • DocK also recommended (and I couldn’t agree more, and I don’t know how I forgot to mention this because I’m a sweaty girl myself!): Bring a towel. You’re going to want to get the most out of your photoshoot that you possibly can, and so you’ll be moving and grooving and working it out– you’d be surprised how hot you can get in just 5 minutes, especially with lighting on you! Bring a towel or tissues and mattifying sheets for your face.
  • I can’t say this enough: if you are looking for the perfect shot of a trick, know exactly what angle you want it from, which side is flattering (some tricks create a huge ball of tum flub and you should figure out how to turn it away from the camera), and let the photographer know when you are fully extended in it– if you are moving a little too quickly and they have just taken a shot, they might miss the perfect moment. If you have your heart set on a particular pose, be prepared to do it over. And over.
  • If possible, take a look at some of the pictures (you can preview them on the window on the back of the camera) as you’re shooting. You’re the paying client and you can speak up if you don’t like what they’re doing, how they’re posing you, or you are uncomfortable with lighting or how your makeup or hair looks on film. It’s tough to be assertive but the worst thing is to pay all that money and get a product you don’t want.
  • If you can, see if you can split two slots with a friend and tag team during the shoot. A friend and I did that this time around, and it was awesome! Not only could I “tag” her in when I got hot and sweaty (maximizing shooting efficiency), but we also got some really fun doubles shots and freestyled together at the end.
  • Do your research. Pick some inspiration pictures– whether it’s the lighting, the outfit, the pose– and think about why you like the photo and maybe share it with your photographer so that they have an idea of what you’re shooting (ha ha) for. They can tell you what is technically realistic, what will require additional setup, etc.
  • Do what it takes with your beauty rituals to make you feel good. Professional makeup application, false lashes, airbrush tans, cute new outfits– they are all expensive but in my opinion, a self-confidence boost is priceless. Invest in yourself to give yourself the positive energy that you need to have a great shoot where you feel great. There’s nothing as awful as getting psyched for a shoot and having a horrible hair/makeup mishap and feeling ugly as you’re in the shoot. It’s happened to me, and the shots that I got from that day were nothing like the ones I got this last time around.
So, without further ado, here are some of the pics! I haven’t posted the more provocative ones (well, because it’s the internet)… and there were a lot of pretty sexay ones that I’m not putting here. Anyway, I am so glad that I went all out and got the thigh high boots and fencenet stockings going on this time around, it made such a huge impact in how I felt, moved, and danced. I started pole dancing to feel good about myself and my sensuality and I wanted to capture the evolution that I’ve gone through. I love the fitness aspect of pole, but for me, pole dance will always be sensual, not just a sport, and I don’t want to “sanitize” any of it!

If you’re interested in the stuff I wore, here it is below! And let me know if you have any other questions, etc…

Tomorrow’s post: Thursday Tunes…