Holiday Giveaway

Hanukkah started yesterday, and Christmas and Kwanzaa are coming up soon, so in honor of all the holiday festivities, I’m doing… yes, another giveaway!

This time around, I’m so excited– it’s some of my favorites pole accessories, packaged up! I hope you guys like it. There will be TWO packages given away. Each will contain:

  • 16.5oz bottle of your favorite tack level of DEW POINT POLE and a bottle of Dew Point with Glitter. First of all, that’s like a LIFETIME supply of Dew Point. That’s a pint! Plus GLITTER Dew Point?? Seriously. I’ve blogged about Dew Point here, and I personally always have some on me, especially in the wintertime, to combat the dry skin slips.
  • a Mighty Grip pole cleaning cloth. These use just water to get the pole LITERALLY squeaky clean (I wrote a blog about this stuff here)— way better than using any kind of harsh chemicals, and believe me, it gets the pole cleaner than alcohol even does. I find that I need to use way less grip aid of any kind when the pole is truly clean.
  • Two full-sized tubes of Tite Grip II (Lavender)– 4 oz total. Now you guys should know by now that Tite Grip is my absolute go-to product for anyone who has sweaty hands. They’ve recently reformulated it so that it dries completely clear on your skin (you can use it on feet, legs, any part of the body that contacts the pole) and doesn’t dry as quickly, so you have more time to spread it. It now has a light lavender scent– once I put some on and someone actually asked “what’s that yummy smell?” I kid you not.

All three manufacturers have super generously donated all this product, which I think is absolutely fantastic and I am so excited to share this stuff with you!

To enter, let me know what Aerial Amy blog entry has been your favorite so far…  you can let me know by posting in the comments on this entry (if you get this delivered to you via email subscription, do NOT just reply to the email!!!). This is something that I’d really appreciate! I want to know which post has been the most meaningful, helpful, which one you’ve shared the most, which one you liked. For a complete list by title, click here. To see blog posts organized by month, look right over there >>> to the left of the page, to the “Archives” list. Click on the arrow to the left of the month to expand the list.

To get another entry, post about this giveaway on your Facebook or Twitter and leave a second comment on this entry letting me know that you’ve done so. That is important. If you don’t leave a second comment I will only count you ONCE.

The giveaway will be open for a week, until Tuesday December 27th, 8am EST.

Here is the fine print:

  • The contest is open to everyone, including international readers.
  • The winner will be selected by random number generator.
  • Winner will be notified via email within 48 hours of the end of the giveaway. After I send the winner their notification, you have 72 hours to confirm and send me your mailing address or another winner will be chosen. I will need to verify that you’ve posted a link on your Facebook page or Twitter as well– details will be in the confirmation email = )

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