Internet Round-up

So while I’ve been away on vacation, of course the world has continued to turn and life has continued on. Here are some new developments in the pole community that I’d like to tell you all about! In no particular order:

Jennifer of PoleSkivvies has created the “Make a Difference” award to be given at Pole Convention in LA this summer. Basically, the idea is to start a dialogue to recognize some of the positive role models in our community. You can nominate anyone you like who has inspired you or made a difference in your life on or off the pole– it doesn’t have to be someone who is “known” or “famous”. The deadline to nominate is May 1st– let’s make it tough on her and send her some truly awesome candidates! There is so much good being done and there are so many tireless people who are working to make things better for all of us.

Along those lines… a pole dancer that I love and respect, Charley Harris, is organizing an incredible pole showcase in Detroit in March. There will be tons of performances– from pole to aerial silks– and I think it will be a ton of fun. I’ll be teaching two workshops during the showcase… um, that are sold out (yay to those of y’all who got spots, can’t wait to meet you!!)… but I’m also teaching a drops/tumbles workshop at a nearby studio (Pole Addiction & Dragonfly Studio) and registration just went online, so if that sounds like fun– sign up!

I love reading other bloggers’ takes on pole dance and the crazy wacky world of pole that we live in, and there are two new awesome blogs that are on my daily reads list. One is a really cute, creative sketch/cartoon-based blog by Leen Isabel, a really talented artist based out of LA. You’ve probably already seen one or two of her pole drawings on Facebook, but take a look at her site… I love her lighthearted take and she has you laughing at how dead-on accurate she is. A picture truly is worth a thousand words!

Michelle (Shimmy) is an Aussie, amazing poler, and owner of her own studio (Pole Dance Academy). A lawyer in a past life, I feel like I can relate to her writing voice and some of the trials and tribulations that she’s gone through.  Take a peek at her blog– she’s witty, funny, intelligent, and honest. A great read!

And finally– for those who are interested, the Flight Club Showcase videos are officially posted! Sorry for the delay– being out of the country for two weeks really messed with my efficiency. You can see the videos here!! Thanks to Jantira for the videography, and thanks again to our sponsors– Mighty Grip, Bad Kitty, and X-Pole–without them, the event wouldn’t have been possible.

People have been asking for a little bit of clarification on Flight Club, and what it is.  It all started here…. and since then, the idea has grown to incorporate not only practice and play opportunities for whoever wants one, but also performance. You don’t have to submit a video, or audition, and you don’t have to be a crazy trickster to put on an amazing show… so, if you are interested in being part of Flight Club, check out our website! We just set the date for the next one (July 14th) in Manhattan, and I want everyone who has ever thought about performing, or wanted to perform, to know that you’re welcome to register and give it a shot. Half the ladies who performed in the January showcase had never been on stage before, and you don’t have to be a “pro” to be awesomely entertaining and put on a great show. If you’re interested– REGISTER to perform!! The link is on the site =)

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