Class Testimonials

“I love Amy’s classes! She will push you, but you will still have fun!! Amy always seems to find a way to add her own spin to things. She has helped me to find so much strength in my body, and I will always be grateful to her for that. Amy listens to her students and truly cares about each one. Try her classes! I learn something new in every single one of her classes, even though I have been poling for years. It is always a challenge, and I always walk out of class smiling.” [Becky R]

“Amy is hot. And that in itself is an inspiration and a push in class especially when you’re feeling clumsy and uncoordinated and most decidedly unsexy because you see how pretty its supposed to be! There’s a lot of other things I love about Amy — she’ll take as much time as you need to make sure you get a step, her warmups are killer but really make a difference, she will spot the one thing that is keeping you from getting it right and FIX it — but I think what I like best is that she makes everything so much fun. I’ll email her to see if class is open and she will say yes, come play! And no matter how intense the workout was that day, I’ll always leave feeling like I’ve just been out playing, not tortured at the gym. Corny but true!!!!” [Bomi L]

“I started taking Amy’s class because I had a feeling she would help me achieve my pole goals. And I was right! I am stronger and have improved from just one session! I’ve had many “a ha” moments in her class. I’ve even a ha-ed a simple spin that I thought I was doing correctly for years!! My favorite things about her (not in any particular order): 1) She makes sure that you do things CORRECTLY (as in correct for your body) 2) She breaks things down in the most simplest form to understand 3) Her energy is….simply fantastic 4) She’s a hot-ass dancer that CAN teach! Hello!! 5) I love the fact that she has no prior dance training — it makes everything about her even more admirable and inspiring! Take Amy’s classes — you won’t regret it!!!” [Jackie L]

“Amy balances amazing strength and athleticism with beautiful dance and musicality. Her passion for pole and aerial dance shines through in both her classes and her performances. One of the things I love most about Amy as a teacher is that she gets just as excited when seeing her students learn or perfect a new move as the students themselves! Her energy is fantastic and always warm and encouraging. She is thoughtful about the curriculum of her classes to ensure that the students come away with a sense of progress, and I definitely have in just a few classes with her! And, she is always trying to improve the experience of her students by challenging herself to constantly learn and become a better dancer herself.” [Gigi Q]

“Amy is an incredible teacher, she breaks down the mechanics of pole tricks with impeccable clarity and understanding of anatomy…. Having taking yoga and dance classes for most of my life, I have pretty good body awareness, though when I started taking pole classes I felt I really lacked continuity with understanding how to do some of the tricks, let alone consistently. I wanted more confident vocabulary in my movement. In a couple of private classes with Amy, I could do tricks that I hadn’t been able to do for a whole year! Taking classes with Amy is one of the most fun, rewarding and inspiring things I’ve done in my life of movement! I’ve also been very inspired by Amy’s generosity of spirit that she fosters in the pole community. Her blog is a wealth of info and insight…she’s like a pole angel offering guidance every step of the way!” [Krista K]

“I absolutely love Amy’s classes and Amy in general!!! I started taking classes with Amy a year and a half ago and became completely obsessed with pole fitness! Before pole, it was hard for me to convince myself to go to the gym, now I literally run to pole class. Amy is an excellent instructor. Her classes are fun, challenging and well structured. She explains everything very thoroughly and makes steps easy to follow and replicate. She constantly challenges her students by introducing new moves and new combinations. My favorite part about Amy’s classes is the energy and lack of pressure. She never makes you feel like you are being judged if you have not succeeded at a move or a combination. Instead, she cheers you on and gives you alternatives that can help you achieve what you are currently working on. Amy is an excellent teacher, pole dancer and a pleasure to be around!” [Anastasia V]

“I’ve taken some form of dance for most of my life and I’ve been pole dancing with a variety of teachers and studios since 2010. In all of that time, I’d have to say that Amy is one of the most profound, intuitive, fun and proficient teachers I’ve encountered. Amy pays attention to everything. She corrects the smallest detail to allow for the most stretch. She doesn’t believe in a passive approach to movement. She wants you fully engaged always. She knows how to push you and when to give you a little breathing room. She’s sassy, feisty and fun. She focuses on technique, breath, and flow while keeping the sensuality present. Her style is engaging and encouraging. Her range of knowledge, musical suggestions and movement is inspiring. I can’t help but to continue taking classes with her! I’m already on my 3rd 6 week session and I wouldn’t have it any other way! Take Amy’s class. Your body will be sore but it will be better, stronger and more vibrant. Trust me! Trust Amy!” [Sheena L]

“I started pole with a different teacher and switched over to Amy for schedule’s sake, and ended up sticking with pole just to be taught by her. The consensus all around between students and instructors is that Amy will kick your butt and whip you into shape, and do it in the best way possible for you to build up the proper techniques and strengths that work best for your personal ability. She is hands down one of the best instructors because she knows how to break everything down step by step and knows how to build progressively on all of your hard work week after week to get you to where you need to be. And when she’s not teaching, be ready to sneak a peek at her freestyling during class because it’s mesmerizing!” [Tiffany L]