Pole Retreat

As a community, our strength is our common love for pole dancing, based on sharing, learning, support, and collaboration. And now– more so than I have in a long time– I want to create more opportunities for that to happen. So, I decided to organize a pole retreat. But without everyone involved, this truly wouldn’t have been possible.

In October 2014, a group of like-minded individuals will gather at a studio in the Midwest for a pole dance retreat. But this isn’t just any retreat. The studio is donating their space for the entire weekend. All attendees are there not just to learn, but also to teach: all instruction for all the workshops will be provided by attendees, on topics running the gamut: freestyling, floor acro, hand balancing, and heel choreography. There is no cost to anything but flights, food, and hotel. And flying, we are: from New York, South Carolina, California, Toronto, Colorado, Florida, Tennessee, New Hampshire!

The positive response– and interest– has been overwhelming. Over 70 people registered. Preference was given to non-locals (to encourage diversity of culture, and encourage connections among those who wouldn’t ordinarily interact) and to first reponders.

If you are interested in the next one (oh, there will be a next one!), please fill out this form with your interest. We are shooting for April 2015.

If you are interested in attending the pole jam (open to the public) that will occur in the Midwest at the October 2014 retreat, please fill out this form.