Teaching Philosophy

You don’t need to be a trained dancer/gymnast/athlete to love pole dancing, or accomplish gravity-defying strength moves.

Oftentimes, as adult learners, we come to the table with a lifetime of inactivity weighing us down and desk jobs making our bones and muscles stiff and inflexible… as well as limited time and money to pour into our learning.

Through my graduate school coursework, and hundreds of hours of classes from countless pole instructors, and other movement modalities like yoga, Pilates, dance, and circus, I’ve developed knowledge that is based on science and best practices. I have a thirst for knowledge that drives me to try to understand how we learn, the most effective ways to practice, and the safest and most efficient ways to use our bodies.

I focus on biomechanics, specific muscle engagement, and positioning because sometimes it’s not about working as hard as you think you need to, but smarter, to nail those tricks that you really want to. And since I have a full time job, go to school, write a blog, and travel to teach workshops, I understand the importance of working smarter.

As an instructor, my technical insight is the basis for a very clear, concise teaching style that uses many different types of cues and descriptions to reach every learner in the room. One of my strengths is to be able to pinpoint precisely what is preventing the student from success, and providing corrections, suggestions, or modifications to make the execution of the trick work.

I believe that the dance is just as important as the pole, and that there is a lot more that happens in the room than just acrobatics on an apparatus. To me, pole dance is a cathartic form of expression as well as a way to communicate emotion. I am passionate about showing women that their bodies are beautiful, and that there is something precious about our uniqueness as individuals. In addition to the tricks-based classes, I offer workshops that are focused on the development of confidence through exploring movement and the joy of dance.

Pole dance is an incredible way to find self-love, and strength–both emotional and physical. And– you know what? It’s FUN. I aim to show you that in every workshop that I teach. Come fly with me!