Workshop Descriptions

Polished Pole: Inverts, climbs, descents, and transitions 75 or 90 min. These are some of the fundamentals of intermediate and advanced pole work, and this class is all about making even the simplest of these moves look clean, polished, and beautiful by improving technique and utilizing the right muscle groups to do the work, saving your energy for the fancy stuff! Learn a ton of pointers and conditioning moves that you can incorporate into every pole practice so that your inverts are effortless, and we’ll go over fabulous spinning descents and climbs to add to your repertoire as well as combos you can work from the ground. Students should be very comfortable with their basic controlled invert and working towards (or already have) a solid chopper invert.
Spins + Flows (on static) 75 or 90 min. Ever wonder how pros make their spins seem completely effortless? Learn pretty, fun flows that include interesting and dynamic spins, transitions to and from the floor, and put them together into seamless passes that you will be able to dance through. You will focus on spins, combos, and transitions on static pole with extension and fluidity, and work towards a deep understanding of momentum and travel. Beginners will learn to give their spins more speed, height, and air, while advanced students will learn to incorporate their strength into moves to give themselves weightlessness and flow.This class is appropriate for beginners and intermediates. No inverting required.
Floorwork and fluidity 90 min. Students in this class will explore sensual movement to different types of music, and learn how to link together basic floor work and transition moves and make them their own, whether that means booty work or graceful lines. You don’t learn a routine– you are given tools to explore and use on your own style of dance. This class is based on the philosophy that the curves on a woman’s body, no matter how large or small, deserve to be flaunted at all times and should come out to play! Students will learn to express musicality, tension, and intention in their dance and will work on freestyle. All levels are welcome. Note: Students should come with hoodies, sweatpants, leg warmers, shoes, and a song that moves them!
Polework & Fluidity 90 min. Pole dance is most fulfilling, rewarding, and enjoyable when you stop trying to dance like other people and are truly able to see the beauty in your own dance and express movement in a way that is uniquely you. Prepare yourself for an intense class where you will work through different exercises to explore technique, dimension, and story. Stop thinking about what will come next and change the way you see yourself. Reinvigorate the passion you have for pole, and remember what is it to dance for the love of dance. Note: Students should come with hoodies, sweatpants, leg warmers, shoes, and a song that moves them! This workshop works best with one student per pole.
Nemesis trick Mixed level (90 min), or separate 75 min beginner/intermediate and/or intermediate/advanced classes. This class focuses on nailing your nemesis trick or something on your wishlist! I’ll troubleshoot what’s going wrong with a move that’s almost there, transitions in/out of a new move you want to incorporate into a flow, or give you a progression to work on to accomplish your goals. If left to my own devices, I will teach my favorite combos =) Note: Studio *must* send a list of 2-3 moves/per student to me at least 3 days ahead of time so I can create a customized curriculum, or the workshop will not run smoothly!
Spinny basics 75 or 90 min. If you’re still getting used to spin pole, or haven’t really tried it before, or if you just don’t feel pretty on it at ALL yet– this is for you! Learn how to stop fighting the spin, how to keep yourself from dropping into a dizzy mess on the floor, and how to bring grace and poise to spin pole work! All students should be able to do a 10 second pole hold (on static).
Sexy stilettos 75 or 90 min. Strap on those heels (don’t leave home without them!), let your hair down, and get ready to do some hair tosses! This workshop focuses on moving from the pole, to the ground, and everywhere in between. Start with a down and dirty warm up and then let the sex kitten out to play through a series of hot flows that will give you new elements and transitions to play with. Appropriate for all levels. Can also be done using chairs.
Spinning Pole 75 or 90 min. Learn fun, fluid, and seamless combinations on spin pole with an emphasis on airy, graceful, effortless technique with extension and long lines. Use the spin of the pole to your advantage! All students should be able to do a controlled chopper and aerial invert (on static).
Drops, tumbles, and OOMPH Oh my! 75 or 90 min. This workshop covers some of my favorite dramatic tricks and accents to revitalize moves that are already in your repertoire. Learn sassy spin combos, climbs, and inversions, including a few different drops, cartwheels down the pole, and daredevil moves! Students should be able to do a controlled chopper.
Aerial Pole Dance 75 or 90 min. Add dynamic movement to your aerial pole work by using spin and momentum in even the simplest climbs and leg switches so that your static pole work looks like it’s on spinny pole. Incorporate extension, polish, grace, and technique to flow through fun, dynamic, and unique combinations that will have you dancing even when you’re upside down. Students should have a very solid chopper invert and aerial invert.