Workshop Testimonials

“This past weekend was hands down one of the best weekends of my life, all thanks to Aerial Amy (and the owner of Xpose Fitness Annapolis, Rachal Frank). I have been poling for 4 years at this point and have had tons of ups and downs-and unfortunately, had been stuck in a major rut until Aerial Amy popped down to MD. This past weekend, Aerial Amy came to Xpose Fitness Annapolis to teach a weekend of workshops. Amy was beyond adorable and sweet, and I was super excited to take her workshops. I travel a TON and have taken workshops and classes from dozens of amazing pole dancers, and learning from someone new is always really exciting for me. Somehow, no matter who the instructor, no matter how beginner or advanced the class, I walk away from each and every class learning something amazing. I decided to take her drops and tumbles workshop because if anyone has ever seen me dance before, you know there is nothing I love more than a drop. It was an honor to observe (and participate) in the class. I couldn’t do most of the drops she was asking of us entirely, but got a solid foundation of how to progress and even mastered a move I had never done before (WOOHOO). Yesterday I [took] her Polework & Fluidity workshop. I was a bit nervous donning my leg warmers, heels, sweatpants and hoodie, but as soon as the class started, magic began. I don’t want to give away the secrets of this workshop, it was so magical and empowering, and ENLIGHTENING; I have never left a pole class or pole session so happy and inspired to dance. This single workshop brought me back to my first ever pole class, my first performance and (literally) made me cry. Looking back on the workshop, I didn’t even notice there were other students in the class until the very end. I never once glanced at the mirror. I didn’t worry if my shorts were falling down or if I looked fat in a move, I just danced. I didn’t care if I looked stupid, I just MOVED. I haven’t had a feeling like that, or even an ability to let myself feel like that in years. Pole has changed my life in an amazing way, and I had forgotten that the past few months-until this weekend. Aerial Amy’s workshops have been a rare breath of fresh air in my pole life-and if you have the chance to bring her to your studio or learn from her, DO IT. She will absolutely change the way you move, think of pole and the way you create! Long story long, thank you, Aerial Amy, for all you do!”

“Amy was a guest instructor at the studio where I am co-owner and instructor, additionally, I have another full-time career. As such, I find it very difficult to take out the time to train, learn, and master new tricks, and dance moves. Amy inspired me to MAKE the time to do so. She gave me ‘homework’ and motivated me as an instructor. I was in awe of the clarity and thoroughness of how she taught. Every student fell in love with her and by the end of the day, were all asking for more! As an instructor myself, I could see that not only does she have that keen eye to help her students, but also truly has that God-given talent of teaching. She is fair, a good listener, and was also in tune to our needs. She made marketing her workshops an ease by sending ideas, voicing encouragement and offering her help as needed. Her classes were full to the brim! I am planning on hosting her again, so she can bring sexy back, again!”

“Aerial Amy is an incredible instructor: precise, powerful & packed with information! The spins & tumbles workshops blew my mind: I learned new approaches to vocabulary I thought I knew well and I left with a lot of homework on new moves and combinations. Both workshops were filled with laughter, cheers and a can-do spirit. If you have the oportunity to book Amy for your studio, you should do it!”

“I had no idea just how wonderful this experience would be! Amy has an excellent understanding of the body and how the muscles work in each trick that she teaches. Her warm ups help to strengthen the muscles that we use in her workshops and some of them are just plain fun to do! Amy was also able to break tricks & spins down to their simplest form to help all different types of learners pick up the skill. If there were visual learners in the room she was able to demo tricks in slow motion so all points of contact could be seen. If we had auditory learners she was able to discuss the muscle groups that were being used while moving in and out of a trick/spin. It was impressive and made for an outstanding learning opportunity for student and instructor. She has incredible stamina! We must have asked her to do 300 Sad Girl drops and that was only workshop 1 of 6! Her ability never faded nor did her smile. Amy has a very unique and fluid style that makes even the smallest movement look wonderful. From the polished inverts workshop to the drops and tumbles workshop there is something for everyone and every level learner. If the main trick/spin is too advanced Amy is able to break it down and show you smaller pieces that are still beautiful and help you build up to the next step. In addition to being extremely knowledgeable about pole, the body, and the muscles, Amy is exceptionally kind. She is very approachable and it’s obvious that she truly loves what she does. She is an outstanding spotter so I felt supported literally and figuratively while working with her in classes. Overall I give Amy, her workshops, and her knowledge, 5 stars (or poles :D ). I would recommend her workshops to everyone! You will walk away with new, cleaner skills, and a big smile on your face!”